Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding day blues.

So. It's the morning of the wedding and I, per usual, am alone. Dave's off with the boys, and he's pawned me off on his friend Kim (whom I've never met) for the day. Apparently he's got to meet the boys at the theater at 1pm, the wedding is at 3pm, they're doing pictures afterwards, and the reception's at 5pm. And since they're having a head table, I get to sit alone. Hooray! And to top it all off, last night's rehearsal dinner was a disaster: the groom's mother, who (for some unknown reason) has never liked me, asked Dave when we were getting engaged; he explained that he was gonna do it tomorrow, but I figured it out and ruined the surprise. So I said, but he got me this! and showed her the emerald ring he bought me in Cancun... And as Dave turned away to talk to his friends, she ROLLED HER EYES and sarcastically said, it isn't a diamond and then walked away. Wtf?!

Oi. So then the whole, we've been together almost seven years, why aren't we even engaged freak out began again. I hate other people. So not looking forward to this one.
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