Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am so not in the mood.

I woke up with a hangover because I attempted to drink myself into Heaven, I think, and was on the floor completely nude, facedown in a pillow.  The day has gone significantly downhill from there.  I made the spur of the moment decision that I'd like to get a pet rat, brought it up to Dave, and he pretty much proceeded to tell me that I'm an idiot.  I'm tired of always taking into consideration what he wants and his refusal to extend the same courtesy to me.  So, I simply removed myself from the situation and went out alone.  He decided to make a bigger deal of it and act like a much larger asshole and follow me to Panera, where he proceeded to read me the riot act in public.  I took off two days of work, days I would have been in the office, so that he could participate in his best friend's wedding next Friday, did all the research, the travel planning, the budgeting, made the hotel reservations, located the easiest location to pickup his suit, and am going to be alone all afternoon Thursday so he can attend the rehearsal, completely alone all day Friday while he preps with the groomsmen and participates in the wedding, have to sit alone at the wedding because I don't know these people, have to sit all alone at the reception as he's gonna be up with the wedding party, and ride back and forth with people I don't know because he'll have the car for wedding transportation, and he treats me like dirt this morning.  So I'm not going to go to the wedding anymore.  He's welcome to go hang out with his buddies, I'm going to take the weekend and go home to visit my family.  I'm done with this.  I'm just tired of stepping on eggshells for him and no one, no one, ever doing the same for me.  My cousin is getting married in July, and his first question was, "Ugh.  Do we actually have to go?"  No.  We don't.  I don't want to go any more than he does, but it's a member of my family for Christ's sake.  We've already had to travel to New York and we're headed to Pennsylvania for his friends, but he can't stomach the thought of heading home for my family.

No consideration.  None.  He doesn't help with laundry, but if he throws in a load or two I have to thank him repeatedly and he brings it up in any little argument we have for the next two weeks, he promises to keep the kitchen clean and he doesn't, it's absolutely maddening!  I swear the Rapture came and turned all the men on the planet into flaming assholes, because between Dave, my asshole of a step-father, and half the residents around here lately, I'm beginning to see a pattern.  I don't even feel like going home tonight.

And I have heartburn!  Oh, it is just not my day today.  On a more pleasant note, I finally located a local rat rescue and was able to adopt a pair of little champagne-coloured girls.  They're babies, apparently named "Missy" and "Sissy," but I think I'm going to name them Miranda and Charlotte, because I have been watching way too much Sex and the City lately.  And since Dave is completely unsupportive of this decision, I'm taking the full responsibility for them.  Plus I adore pet rats, and after speaking to the Rat Rescue's owner am guaranteed that these little ones are adorable, affectionate, and quick little devils.  I'll post pictures once I pick them up.  They're coming home with me after work on the 31st.  So excited!

This week is shaping up to be really shitty.  I've already been working several days straight, I have to do Sunday reports and a cash sheet, stop at Corporate after work to drop off mail for Monday morning, and Lisa just hit me with having a meeting on Monday, which means I'll be here all day tomorrow.  And I have to work Wednesday afternoon as well.  I hate this place sometimes.  Also, I have GOT to stop eating BBQ chicken sandwiches.  In the past week I've had seven.  That can't be normal.